COVID-19: a mobile application to limit the spread

COVID-19: une application mobile pour limiter la propagation

A researcher in artificial intelligence and its team of 60 people of Montreal have developed in two months to protect themselves from infected individuals using a cell phone.

“The artificial intelligence is in the telephones is going to take all the clues on the symptoms, the results of the tests and the contacts that we have with other people. With the network effect, these indices will be accumulated to calculate the probability of being infected,” says Yoshua Bengio, scientific director at the Institut québécois artificial intelligence (Mila)

Thus, if a person goes near someone who is very contagious, the phone will indicate a higher level of risk and provide recommendations for health in this sense.

“The larger the sample is, the more, at this time, the public health services are in a position to know, where people walk and how they can reduce the possibility that it spreads more,” explains Steve Waterhouse, an expert in cyber security.

Mila has already approached the federal and provincial governments as well as public health.

In Quebec, the minister, Lionel Carmant, that driver the folder, wait for more information before you make comments.

In South Korea, it already uses geo-location data of the mobile device to attempt to limit the contagion. A method that seems effective, but that raises ethical questions.

Yoshua Bengio ensures, however, that his model has nothing to do with that of South Korea.

“The information will be managed by a non-profit organization that is independent of governments and which has as its only mission to protect the people, their data and their privacy,” adds the specialist.

The application could be available at the end of the month of may.


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