COVID-19: A passion for gift baskets of local products delivered to your home.

COVID-19: Un engouement pour les paniers de produits locaux livrés à domicile

Pacing the shelves of the grocery stores does not have the odds these days. Isolated because of the pandemic of coronaviruses, more and more citizens are turning to the products of Quebec for food, and particularly food delivered directly to the home.

Ideal Solution in these times of crisis, the Lufa farms are seeing an increase in demand for their delivery service of customized basket of local products.

This business of urban farming grow vegetables in greenhouses on a roof in Montreal and also provides food from local producers, often organic. We find the majority of grocery products, tomatoes in the pint of milk, passing by the pasta and the meat.

Since the beginning of the isolation measures, the “lufavores” make provisions and are also more numerous, observes Jean-Michel Vanier, chief financial officer of Lufa Farms.

Little handling of the products

More need to move around in the food markets. “People can order from us, have a basket delivered to your home, he claims. It is very flexible and it allows them to have a delivery without contact, people can click and the delivery person will simply leave it on their doorstep”.

The majority of the products offered by the Lufa farms are produced here in Quebec. At a time when the Purrell is king, the multiplication of stakeholders from the field (or greenhouse) and the plate is not desirable.

“The products did not travel, so there is less […] manipulation, if one wants, there is the producer and there is us, it is the short, more direct, and therefore, it is sure that I, as a consumer, in this time, it is something that I find interesting,” said Mr. Vanier.

The baskets of products are deposited in drop-off points or can be delivered to the home, with a surplus of$ 5. Since a good number of Quebecers are currently confined to the home, the demand of home delivery has increased. For now, you can buy baskets from Lufa Farms if they live in Montreal, Gatineau, Quebec and Drummondville.

Jean-Michel Vanier does not anticipate any shortages for the moment. But he said that his priority is to continue to serve the 20,000 families served each week by Lufa farms.

“We have greenhouses on the roofs in which it produces about 100 varieties of different vegetables, it is at full capacity. The only way to increase it, it is by building other greenhouses on the rooftops, we are in the process of finalizing the construction currently in our fourth greenhouse on roof, the largest greenhouse in the world on the roof”, he insists.

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