COVID-19: a person returning from travel has lied to us for surgery

COVID-19: une personne revenant de voyage a menti pour se faire opérer

A person of a certain age would have wilfully failed to mention that she was returning from a trip to not to postpone its operation, deemed non-urgent by the medical staff.

However, if you return from a trip, the indications from the government are clear : you have to isolate for 14 days. This is, unfortunately, not everyone who follows the letter of these recommendations.

“She said she was returning from a trip, she put everyone in danger”, told anonymously, an employee of the hospital of the Child Jesus that is entrusted to TVA Nouvelles. She told how on Tuesday, the patient has not specified be returned from travel recently.

“She just said it after to be safe to be operated on (…) (The situation is) very common. She had thought that she only, she has not thought of the other, as if she has symptoms after, it could contaminate much of the world.”

The situation has been denounced by the health community.

The different governments say that people need to be honest, it is a matter of civic responsibility. At the hospital or elsewhere in the public spaces, if you have symptoms or if you return from travel, the authorities invite you to isolate yourself for a period of two weeks.

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