COVID-19: a puzzle for “poolers”

COVID-19: un casse-tête pour les «poolers»

It is obviously a lesser evil in this year 2020 is rather unique on a global scale, but the pandemic of COVID-19 that hits the major league baseball with full force and brings a lot of challenges for lovers of pools.

But not issue to complain about in the current context. After all, the entertainment continues to be the target.

However, what if, for example, a “pooler” has a few players of the Marlins of Miami, a team at the break due to the coronavirus, within his training? The time has come to release Jonathan Villar, Brian Anderson or Corey Dickerson? The question is also for the shooter of Sandy Alcantara, all the more that the Dominican is part of the players tested positive to the COVID-19.

Season of 60 games

Already, in under a season shortened to 60 games, enthusiasts pools, baseball must be bold and show a little less patience with athletes in lethargy or in the infirmary.

Depending on the format, some pools allow you to place more players on an injured list in 2020, but the customers are not lacking. The young star Juan Soto, of the Nationals of Washington, was quickly reached by the COVID-19, as Austin Meadows, of the Tampa Bay Rays. Among the pitchers, the reliever number 1 of the New York Yankees, Aroldis Chapman, found themselves in the same boat, while Justin Verlander (Astros), Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers) and Chris Sale (Red Sox) are part of the lame.

A calendar messed up

Especially in baseball, and perhaps even more in 2020, it is important for “poolers” to follow the sports news. For example, the recent injury to reliever Ken Giles in the Toronto Blue Jays may result in the addition of Anthony Bass, to replace him as a specialist for the match.

In short, follow the turmoil in the calendar, dare to change and have fun! Once a pandemic is spent with the Marlins, it might be interesting to call on the door-the colors of this team who, obviously, will play more often.

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