COVID-19: A Quebec aid to feed the poorest of the outbreak of the pandemic in New York city

COVID-19: Un Québécois aide à nourrir les plus démunis du foyer de la pandémie à New York

Quebec is part of the guardian angels in the new epicentre of the pandemic, in New York, participating in the preparation of thousands of meals to feed the vulnerable residents of disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

Damien Alix-Souhabi living in New York for five years. The company for which he works, Great Performance, is one of the largest catering services in the city. It is able to serve 24 000 meals last week, thanks to the financial contribution of the City. If it’s the older people are the poorest that benefit from the service for the time being, the company plans to soon provide meals to first responders also.

Damien Alix-Souhabi living in New York for five years.

For the moment, these are the retirement homes in Manhattan that are served, which are mainly social housing. “Many of these seniors are alone and have nobody to help them,” says the Québécois . He further adds that one of them has even confessed to not having eaten for four days when they went to take him a meal.

“As soon as we lost the majority of our events, our boss has quickly tried to find a way to help”, explains Damien Alix-Souhabi. When the latter saw the crisis coming, he chose to be transferred in the offices. He is now to train the delivery teams to serve the most meals possible.

In addition, the City has also set up more than 400 installations where New Yorkers can go to the week to receive up to three free meals per day.

The disadvantaged communities more widely affected

Out of the 56 289 the case of the city of New York, 18 823 of them came from the county of Queens, the hardest hit by the pandemic. The CEO of the public health system of the city of New York, Mitchell Katz, explains these numbers, in part, by the presence of poverty in the area. “In Queens, several families live together in very small apartments and are close together, which facilitates the transmission of the virus,” he said.

Data published by the City of New York also demonstrate that the pandemic is spreading more in the disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Many more residents have tested positive for the virus in the neighborhoods of Jackson Heights, Elmhurst and Corona in Queens than in the wealthier sector of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Saturday, the coronavirus had been removed 3565 lives in the state of New York, which includes a little over 40% of cases in the United States. In the city of New York are 20% of the cases in the country and the death toll from climbed to 1867.

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