COVID-19: “A question of life or death,” said Dr. Horacio Arruda

COVID-19: «Une question de vie ou de mort», dit le Dr Horacio Arruda

When the daily update of the provincial government about the progress of the COVID-19 in Quebec city, Wednesday, Horacio Arruda has warned that Quebecers would soon be the subject of”epidemiological investigations” for the collective good.

The national director of public health has called on the population to hide nothing to the officials of the telephone survey. Most importantly, Dr. Arruda has reminded seniors to remain in isolation, having regard to the high-risk linked to infection with the coronavirus in older people, including those in residence.

“The elderly people who go out through the back door to go out unaccompanied put themselves in danger and endangering their own friends inside the centre”, hammered Arruda after the speech of prime minister François Legault.

“We don’t do that for fun, I tell you. For some, it is a matter of life or death. You can be in the sequence and, at the end of the line, someone is going to die because you have not complied with these instructions.”

On Wednesday, the government Legault assessed at the rate of 60%, the proportion of cases in quebec of COVID-19 from individuals who had travelled.

“If you receive a call from your public health department, a nurse, a doctor, or another employee, it should work. In the same way that if you go to the clinic, it is necessary to tell if you have traveled, insisted Horacio Arruda. It was still, for all of Québec, a majority of cases are associated with travel. Hence the importance of the message of the minister Legault in connection with the people who are going to go.”

“You are not looking for guilty parties, we do not attempt to type on the fingers of people who are not isolated. We are looking to do a case study and contacts to help diagnose the disease earlier. The majority of Quebec understands it, but he must not let the small pockets of people who don’t listen. Grace, do what you are told.”

On 25 march, the Québec were 1339 confirmed cases of coronavirus, an increase of 326 cases compared to the previous day. A total of six people have succumbed to the disease. At the time of writing these lines, 78 persons were hospitalized and 35 people were in the intensive care unit.

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