COVID-19: a race in front of 700 spectators, will take place as planned in South Dakota

COVID-19: une course devant 700 spectateurs aura lieu comme prévu au Dakota du Sud

In the small rural city of North Sioux City, South Dakota, the circuit of clay-Park Jefferson International Speedway is preparing to host an event in front of 700 fans of race.

In normal times, the Open Wheel Nationals do not pay not in the news. It is not a competition minor featuring 410 cars for a $ 5000 scholarship. But the desire to hold the event in front of a crowd totally out of place with the guidelines of the public health.

All is made possible since there is no restriction on binding has not been adopted by the governor Kristi Noem in the wake of the efforts in the fight against the pandemic COVID-19.

“We intend to follow to the letter the recommendations of CDC (editor’s NOTE : the Centers for disease control),” said the event promoter Adam Adamson on Monday, according to the daily newspaper The Argus reader.

“We are only a small race track in rural South Dakota that tries to give entertainment and a bit of a break to people in this crazy period. We believe that we can do so in a safe environment.”

Can accommodate up to 4000 race fans, the organisers have sold 700 tickets in order to facilitate distancing between the spectators. The governor of the State advises in spite of all the citizens not to attend the event.

“I’m going to strongly recommend to the people of South Dakota not to go there and stay at the house. We ask them to be wise and intelligent, and to continue on this path and the plan established for several more weeks.

The event takes place on Saturday.

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