Covid-19: a regression of human rights would be “unacceptable”, according to the UN

Covid-19: une régression des droits humains serait «inacceptable», selon l’ONU

The secretary-general of the united nations, Antonio Guterres, stressed on Thursday, without identifying States, it would be “unacceptable” that countries benefit from the spread of coronavirus to reduce the human rights, by revealing a report devoted to this theme.

“In a context of ethno-nationalism growing, populism, authoritarianism and decline of human rights in some countries, the crisis may provide a pretext to enact repressive measures of purposes that are unrelated to the pandemic,” he noted. “This is unacceptable”, said in a press release the head of the united nations has no coercive power.

“More than ever, governments need to be transparent, responsive and accountable. The area’s civic and freedom of the press are essential. The civil society organizations and the private sector have a critical role to play. And in all that we do, let us never forget: the threat is the virus, not people”, he insisted.

“Respecting human rights in this period of crisis, we will develop the most efficient solutions and inclusive of today’s emergency and the reconstruction of the future”, was also noted, Antonio Guterres.

The UN report on human rights and the Covid-19 emphasises that the way to respond to the pandemic is fundamental to the future of the world. This may be “for better or for worse”, warns the document. “It is essential to consider the long-term while planning for our short-term responses”, the report adds.

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