COVID-19: a scenario is a “nightmare” for the industrial parks

COVID-19: un scénario «cauchemardesque» pour les parcs industriels

The Corporation of the industrial parks of Quebec believes that the government Legault goes much too far in ordering the closure of all businesses deemed to be non-essential, for three weeks, which may cause many bankruptcies.

Appreciative of the management of the crisis by the prime minister Legault from the very beginning, the opinion of Pierre Dolbec has changed radically the moment a single point of release, Monday. The announcement of the day has had the effect of a blow.

“Until today, I thought he was in control, but something happened… Here, I don’t understand. It’s going to put companies on the ass. There were alternatives, but we’re going to the more drastic right away,” he confided in an interview.

“The two arms I have fallen to the ground… Honestly, I don’t understand anything this afternoon. I closed my tv. I was expecting to special measures, but to say that we have done a shutdown or economic terms? I would understand if it was in the same situation as Italy, but it is far to be there. It is the only province in Canada to do that more”, he lamented.

68,000 on the button

“There is a gang who will not sleep tonight, I’ll pass a paper. Just here in Quebec, it is some 3,000 companies in 25 industrial zones and 68 000 jobs. There, he comes to send 68,000 people at home”, he stood at the end of the wire, obviously in shock. “There are industries that are going to lose millions by doing a shutdown.

Those who do not have a strong enough will not survive a closure of three weeks, he warns. Even businesses that have a strong financial position may be seriously weakened. “It’s pretty nightmarish”. As to the business assistance promised by the government, up to now, it will be clearly insufficient according to him.


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