COVID-19: a State of the u.s. complaint against China

COVID-19: un État américain porte plainte contre la Chine

The Missouri has filed a complaint on Tuesday against China, accusing Beijing of concealing the seriousness of the outbreak of coronavirus, and caused so-called ” damage “, the economic and human, “irreparable” in this american State and in the world.

The civil suit filed by the State attorney Eric Schmitt is aimed at the government, the chinese communist party as well as other officials and institutions of the country. She accuses him in particular of having “concealed critical information” at the beginning of the epidemic, stopped the whistleblowers and denied the highly contagious of the new coronavirus.

This concealment has caused “a global pandemic unnecessary and preventable,” which resulted in the loss of human lives and significant economic consequences, with losses estimated to be at least several billion in this State in the centre of the country, according to legal documents.

The us president, Donald Trump has made similar accusations, saying that China is hiding the real review of the epidemic in the country, the fact that Beijing has denied.

Beijing is especially sued for “public nuisance” and ” activities abnormally dangerous “. Missouri seeks damages of an unspecified amount.

More than 5,800 people have been tested positive in Missouri that has registered at least 177 people dead, according to local authorities. In the world, more than 2.5 million people have been infected, and over 175 000 died of the COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

According to the prosecutor, republican Eric Schmitt, the first transmissions of the virus between humans has taken place at the beginning of December in Wuhan, the city where it appeared the sars coronavirus. However, the government had let the virus spread in the country, then abroad, before taking the measures necessary at the end of January in order to curb the contagion.

Then they hid the extent of the epidemic, the chinese authorities have also kept for themselves the personal protective equipment of good quality, while allowing the export of defective equipment. This storage is abusive would have “endangered the lives of health personnel and first responders” in the countries affected by the COVID-19.

“The chinese communist Party has done what all authoritarian regimes: they have hidden the truth to save their skin,” said republican senator Ben Sasse, very critical against Beijing. “Once the Americans have defeated this nasty virus, we will be accountable to the chinese government is corrupted “, has been added to this elected in Nebraska in a press release.

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