COVID-19 : a survey of 27 000 Czech asymptomatic

COVID-19 : étude sur 27 000 Tchèques asymptomatiques

The Czech authorities announced on Tuesday the launch of a campaign of tests for the detection of the COVID-19 on a sample of 27 000 people exhibiting no symptoms of the disease, to conduct a study on the herd immunity.

The purpose of this study, which should be in a first time 5000 is to measure the rate of contamination of the population.

“A number of people are not included in the statistics on positive cases although they have been contaminated – they don’t know themselves because they have had no symptoms, but antibodies have been produced by their metabolism and they can be contagious,” said the minister to the press.

The test will be based on the immune response, that is to say, the production of antibodies facing the virus, so as to detect in persons now in good health.

Screening tests for blood will be made during the next two weeks in volunteers with asymptomatic, of all age groups and in regions of the country more or less affected by the epidemic.

The results should be known at the beginning of the month of may, according to the Czech minister of Health Adam Vojtech.

To this day, 6914 people have been tested positively to the COVID-19 in the Czech Republic since the 1st of march, 196 deaths.

The government announced last week a plan déconfinement the population into five steps, from 20 April until 8 June, which may be changed according to the evolution of the epidemic.

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