COVID-19: a third outbreak at the Granby Hospital

COVID-19: a third outbreak at the Granby Hospital

A third COVID-19 outbreak has been identified at the Granby Hospital, where the coronavirus has infected at least five staff members and at least eleven patients, authorities said.

By definition, the three outbreaks were declared in three different sectors of the hospital, said the Integrated University Health and Social Services Center (CIUSSS) of Estrie-CHUS.

As part of the first outbreak on Thursday, nine cases had been confirmed, including four among users and five among staff. They were taken out of work and placed in isolation for 14 days at home.

The next day we learned of the death of a person linked to this outbreak, as well as a case in a third sector of the Granby Hospital.

On Saturday, a second outbreak was declared as authorities said they had “at least five cases”.

The hospital reminded that people whose state of health requires it will be taken care of in the emergency room. Patients who have appointments do not have to cancel them.

Visits will remain suspended until further notice.

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