COVID-19: ADISQ wants to promote new music here

COVID-19: l’ADISQ veut promouvoir la nouvelle musique d’ici

Even during the pandemic, the quebec artists continue to launch albums. The recent outputs of Louis-Jean Cormier (“When night falls”), Alyosha (“Naked”), Mary-Gold (“golden Rule”) and le P’tit Beliveau (“Greatest Hits Vol.1”) to prove it.

Wishing to ensure that the public is well informed of the different outputs, the ADISQ has therefore retained the services of Pierre Lapointe and Ariane Moffatt in order to record messages by radio to stations Red FM, ENERGY, and Boom FM. These capsules one-minute make it possible to discover musical excerpts of different new.

Until 30 June, a minute of advertising per hour, 6 a.m. to midnight, will be offered for free by the three resorts.

“The radio is a first-rate partner for the music here. While the artists are being hit hard by the current crisis, it is crucial to keep contact with the fans so they know that new music continues to offer them,” said the president of ADISQ, Philippe Archambault, in a press release.

Over the next few days, music lovers will also be able to pose the ears on the novelty of the self-titled duo SOMMM – consisting of Ariane Moffatt and Étienne Dupuis-Cloutier – as well as “Off The Cuff”, the first album of the trio Lenoire.

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