COVID-19 : an independent investigation into the response to the pandemic will be launched “at the appropriate time”

COVID-19 : une enquête indépendante sur la réponse à la pandémie sera lancée «au moment approprié»

GENEVA | The head of the world health Organization said on Monday that he would launch an investigation “independent” on the response to the pandemic of the agency and its member States “as soon as possible at the appropriate time”.

“I will launch an independent evaluation as early as possible at the appropriate time to review the experiences and lessons learned and make recommendations to improve the state of preparedness and response to pandemics at a national and global scale,” said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in front of the 194 member countries of the WHO virtually gathered together Monday on the occasion of its annual meeting.

The WHO, which one of the main tasks is to coordinate health emergencies, is accused by the United States to have overlooked some early warning coming to Taiwan on the severity of the coronavirus appeared at the end of December in China that belies the agency.

Washington, which accuses Beijing of having concealed the extent of the epidemic, believes that the WHO is “planted” in the management of the pandemic in line with the chinese position. It was in the wake suspended the u.s. contribution to the WHO.

“Since the first day, the WHO has supported the countries in these dark hours. WHO quickly sounded the alarm and we sounded frequently,” replied Mr. Tedros on Monday, rejecting on the diplomatic tensions existing controversy around the response to the pandemic.

It has “starkly highlighted the geopolitical divisions”, he said, without giving more details.

The world health Assembly should approve, by consensus, a resolution brought by the european Union and asking to run “on the earlier of (…) a process evaluation” to examine the international health response and measures taken by the WHO.

The boss WHO says he supports this initiative provided that it “understands the totality of the response by all the actors of good faith.”

And he pointed out that if there were lessons to be learned from this pandemic, the international community should preserve the who, which has proven its effectiveness in the past in the eradication of infectious diseases.

“The world does not need another plan, another system, another mechanism, another committee or another organization. He needs to strengthen, implement and finance the systems and organizations of which he has – including the WHO”, he warned.

Several heads of State and government involved by video conferencing have lent their support to the WHO. And the secretary-general of the united Nations, Antonio Guterres, has even castigated the country “who have ignored” his recommendations to test routinely, before you isolate and deal with, to stop the spread of the new coronavirus.

The world pays today to the “high price” strategies divergent States to respond to the crisis, according to Mr. Guterres.

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