COVID-19 and concussions: fighting for Simon Gagné

COVID-19 et commotions: même combat pour Simon Gagné

Having seen his career disrupted by numerous concussions, the Quebec Simon Gagné has compared the current leave forced in the national hockey League (NHL) one of these injuries.

“Everyone will have to start over, he said to the daily The Intelligencer, Monday. I’ve had a few concussions in my career and I almost see the situation as a concussion. You never know when you will be able to play. One day, you will wake up without a headache… or start to play.”

“You go there one step at a time. It’s weird because I see things this way when I have a concussion. You can’t really train yourself as strong as usual. This will be a special [if he returns]. The good thing is that everyone is in the same boat. Everyone trains the same way.”

Confined to Quebec with his family, Earned is, however, difficult to see how the athletes could play hockey without the risk of the spread of the COVID-19.

“Me, personally, it’s difficult because in this moment, here in Quebec, the objective was nearly scare us as much as possible to make us understand that it is really serious what’s happening.”

“[We said that] this is dangerous and after that you have guys going on the ice to play and to hit each other. It is hard to believe that hockey will be back when we are asked to stay in [two-meter] distance. You ask hockey players to hit each other and fight for the puck.”

In spite of everything, Won has talked to several players who are still active and it has been suggested that they are all ready to play the rest of the campaign. In the event of a return, he believes the players will need a few weeks to get in shape. But he questioned the motivation of the players when the supporters are not in the grandstands.

“If we play, it will not be in front of person. It is another thing. The supporters are important. You want they give you energy. They help when you are tired in the third period. They give you a boost for you to fold it up.”

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