COVID-19 and Congress: the urgent need to come to a compromise

COVID-19 et Congrès: l'urgence d'en venir à un compromis

The chairman bangs the sids with a reason and everyone agrees on the urgency of the situation. The recovery plan is awaited with impatience, but the two political parties do not agree on the management of investments.

Since the pandemic affects our situation as well as that of our neighbours, it happens to me more often to make comparisons between what our leaders adopt as behavior, or as a strategy and what do our neighbors. In Quebec, I appreciate the truce between the political parties and the solidarity promoted by all politicians. It focuses on the population and the priorities are established.

The context is different in the United States, if only because it is an election year, but also because the polarization reached a peak. It has been present since the early 1990s, but it is at its worst in the last few years. We feel that the election is of concern to Donald Trump and Joe Biden (very discreet for a few days) and it accentuates the divisions between lawmakers.

On which issues will the republicans and democrats do not agree? It does not seem to be divided on the million to rain in front of an exceptional situation, but rather on the orientations and the management. Whether ordinary citizens or companies, all are referred to in the planning of the recovery plan. The supported negotiations resumed this morning and the media hope to relay good news soon.

The democrats raised a number of irritants with the proposal republican. They worry, first, the total control exercised by the secretariat of the Treasury on the $ 500 billion that we will make available for loans. Ultimately, it is the secretary Mnuchin himself who would determine who would get financial assistance. As there has been little similar operations in the history of the United States, it is very difficult to get comparative.

The democrats are also concerned about an imbalance of the proportions between the aid granted to the business community and given to families. One wonders, for example, if a company could not use the money to bail out while laying off employees. It insists that the sums generated be used to maintain jobs.

We should learn more about the negotiations and the content of the recovery plan by the end of the day. It seems to me to be healthy think about keeping afloat those who contribute to the creation of jobs, it seems equally important to think about protecting the poor, as much in the now at work ensuring the appropriate medical care.

Once again I conclude by recalling that we can only wish that the men and women policies of the United States manage to overcome their differences. Our dependence in the United States is so important that we can only wish them to succeed, regardless of our ideological orientation or our political preferences.


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