COVID-19 and social inequalities: a gap between the rich and the poor

COVID-19 et inégalités sociales: un fossé sépare les riches des plus démunis

You may remember this tirade of a monologue by Yvon Deschamps: “better to be rich and healthy than poor and ill” (The unions, that ossa gives? 1968). We could as well apply to the results of a survey by Axios/Ipsos released this morning.

We already knew that the american society is one of the most unequal in the western world. The famous american dream, which goes through financial success and social mobility, has never been as illusory, and the survey results only confirm this reality.

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Inequality before the threat is evident in many aspects. For example, the more you are poor, the more you might have to present you at your place of work. Of course, it is when you still have a job. And the higher your income, the higher the possibility of teleworking is offered to you.

When we know that the containment and social distancing are strongly encouraged or imposed by the authorities, it soon becomes evident that the risk exposure is diametrically opposite.

When one adds to the data of the survey the access to health care or medications, the picture becomes even more bleak. For some, regardless of the aspect of their reality that is envisaged, the insecurity reigns.

Yet, another statistic from the survey pique the curiosity. The two groups, the more educated and the more affluent (bachelor or master’s degree, average family income of$ 125,000 to$ 200,000) are also those most concerned about their emotional well-being!

If a more in-depth data of this survey you are interested, you can click here and here. The situation of the poor was already very weak before the outbreak of the virus, she turns now to the disaster.

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