COVID-19: another residence for seniors infected to Quebec

COVID-19: une autre résidence pour aînés infectée à Québec

A first resident of the complex, The Neighbourhood of Rivers, to Quebec, has been declared positive, the COVID-19 Wednesday.

This is an individual who remains in the building in The Clearing, a settlement of the complex belonging to Group Selection and offering 37 guest rooms for the elderly semi-autonomous.

“At the moment we are talking, this person is no longer in the residence. She is currently at the hospital to receive care. We have very little information about his state of health is, for the moment,” explains Mylène Dupéré, vice-president of public affairs and corporate communications the Group’s Selection, who did not want to give details on the identity of the individual.

Little contact

The complex located on the boulevard Père-Lelièvre, in the borough of The Rivers, can accommodate up to 500 people in its three buildings. However, as the resident infected was in a care unit “very controlled”, he was not able to be in contact only with a dozen other people, ” says Ms. Dupéré.

“We still do not have employees who have been declared positive in this residence-there,” she says, adding that those who have been in contact within two metres of the individual, without the use of personal protective equipment, will be sidelined for some time.

Strict control

For the moment, the vice-president, public affairs has “no idea” of how the new coronavirus was able to make his way inside the establishment, due to the protection measures put in place.

It indicates that any person who enters in the middle of life for seniors must submit to an outlet temperature at the entrance. They must also sign a form asking them if they have been in contact with sick people.

What’s more, all employees are required to enter the complex with clothes “freshly laundered” to avoid carrying droplets.

“If they had to go to the grocery store with a coat, for example, we can ask them to put it in a paper bag or cloth that will be based in a specific location of the establishment for the day,” said Ms. Dupéré.


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