COVID-19: balance sheet daily of 540 dead in New York, the lowest since early April

COVID-19: bilan journalier de 540 morts à New York, le plus bas depuis début avril

NEW YORK | The State of New York, the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States, has recorded 540 deaths from the coronavirus in the past 24 hours, the balance sheet, the less heavy the past 15 days, said Saturday its governor, Andrew Cuomo.

The last balance-sheet less than this figure, in this State of some 20 million inhabitants dated back to April 2, with 432 deaths, according to the site COVID Tracking Project.

The number of deaths in one day in the State had reached 799 death on 9 April, a record.

The governor, who has extended on Thursday the containment measures until may 15, however, remains cautious: 2000 new people have yet crossed the door of a hospital in the State yesterday for the coronavirus, he said.

“We are no longer in the plateau phase, but we’re still not out of there”, he said.

The democratic governor also called for unity. Since the beginning of the week, he and the republican chairman Donald Trump have been strongly criticised on the social networks or media interposed.

“There is no place for politics,” argued Saturday, Mr. Cuomo. “How can the situation get worse and get worse quickly? If you politisez all this emotion. We can’t afford it.”

“Serrons-nous elbows and work for us out of it. It is for this reason that we call the United States, not true? The unit is the key […] We need this unity now more than ever,” he said, quoting Abraham Lincoln.

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