COVID-19: balance sheets down in the provinces, more than 2,500 dead

COVID-19: des bilans en baisse dans les provinces, plus de 2500 morts

The number of deaths related to the COVID-19 has passed the milestone of 2500 deaths in Canada, on Sunday, even if the provinces are mainly announced reductions in mortality in their respective territories.

Among other things, Quebec, which has announced more than 100 deaths three times in the last five days, there have been only 69 died during the last update. The Beautiful Province remains, however, where the pandemic remains the most virulent, with 24 107 cases (+ 840) and 1515 death to this day.

In spite of everything, the prime minister François Legault will announce on Monday its plan to reopen graded schools, while the recovery plan for the activities of the companies is expected for Tuesday.

For its part, Ontario has announced the 437 new cases and 24 additional deaths, for a balance of 14 432 infected patients and 835 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Again, the number of deaths announced has fallen on Sunday compared to previous days.

Unlike Quebec, Ontario has cut short any ambiguity, Sunday, announcing that his school will re-open not before at least may 31. In parallel, the e-learning tools will be enhanced to help the virtual classes to continue.

Nova Scotia, too, was a day relatively quiet with the discovery of eight positive tests and the addition of two more deaths to its balance sheet, for a total of 24 dead. The day before, this Atlantic province – the only one who had not managed to curb the epidemic for the time – had reported six deaths, five of which occurred in the same care centre for elders.

Alberta, which assists in recent times a great surge in the number of cases on its territory, has added 247 patients on its balance sheet, Sunday, but the province has reported no new deaths.

Canada place, on Sunday, a total of 46 895 cases of COVID-19, up from 1541 case. No less than 2560 Canadians lost their lives after contracting the disease, which is an increase of 95 deaths in 24 hours.

L’île-du-Prince-Édouard, and British Columbia have not published new numbers on Sunday.

The situation in Canada:

  • Quebec: 24 107 (1515 death)
  • Ontario: 14 432 (835 deaths)
  • Alberta: 4480 (73 deaths)
  • British Columbia: 1948 (100 deaths)
  • Nova Scotia: 873 (24 deaths)
  • Saskatchewan: 353 (4 deaths)
  • Manitoba: 271 (6 deaths)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: 258 (3 deaths)
  • New Brunswick: 118
  • Île-du-Prince-Édouard: 26
  • Yukon: 11
  • The North-West territories: 5
  • Nunavut: 0
  • Canadian returnees: 13

People affected by the virus: 46 895

Number of deaths: 2560



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