COVID-19: Barry Trotz has a broken heart

COVID-19: Barry Trotz a le cœur brisé

The head coach of the New York Islanders, Barry Trotz, is well placed to grasp the full extent of the crisis of the coronavirus striking the full force of the United States.

Confined to his home in Garden City, on the island of Long Island, not far from the Nassau Coliseum, Trotz keeps in his thoughts the thousands of health care workers who work long hours to try to save the life of patients struggling with the COVID-19.

“We see here, these front-line staff are pushed to the limit. They have been separated from their families, some of them have not seen their loved ones since 20-30 days. They stay in hotels and then go back to work,” said the instructor in a video conference a few days ago, through about to be broadcast on the website of the daily Toronto Sun.

“There are employees of the health on my street, and they keep me informed a little bit when we talk to each other at a distance outside. This is for real, and it is important to fight. So, hope that everyone is safe and sound, he stated. My heart is with them, and I want to thank. These people are working hard to provide these essential services, and I think of them.”

Back to normal

The former pilot of the Predators of Nashville and Washington Capitals added that being close to the city of New York, which continues to count its dead, he sees well what pandemic means. “The rest of the country, and maybe Canada, don’t realize how much of it is real,” according to him.

“It takes knowledge of the total daily death, and it breaks the heart, he admitted. Our thoughts are with those who have lost a loved one or a family member. We want to come back and have a right to a normal life.”

Moreover, according to the man, 57-year-old, the break of the activities in the national hockey League is an opportunity to be grateful for each precious moment spent together as a family.

“We want to play again, they all hope to return to normal, but I have been inspired by how people were made to savour moments that they don’t take usually the time to love. It is necessary to take advantage of these opportunities”, he issued.

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