COVID-19 : Boris Johnson is out of the hospital, 10 000 deaths in the United Kingdom

COVID-19 : Boris Jonhson est sorti de l’hôpital, 10 000 morts au Royaume-Uni

LONDON | british prime minister Boris Johnson, reached from the COVID-19, was released Sunday from the hospital in london where he was treated for a week and will continue his convalescence, leaving for the moment his government, the management of the pandemic that has claimed more than 10 000 deaths in the United Kingdom.

The hospital last Sunday the leader of 55 years, tested positive on 27 march, had caused a shock in the country, now one of the most affected in Europe by the new coronavirus.

“The prime minister is out of the hospital to continue his convalescence at Chequers”, his residence in the north-west of London, announced a spokesperson in a press release. “On the advice of his medical team, (it) will not resume work immediately”.

“All his thoughts go out to those affected by the disease”, added the spokesperson of Downing Street.

The conservative leader of 55-year-old had been transferred to an intensive care unit on Monday, where he was released Thursday.

Since that time, he was recovering at the hospital of St. Thomas, doing sudokus and watching movies, as the romantic comedy Love Actually, or reading Tintin, according to the british press.

His bride of 32 years, Carrie Symonds, pregnant, sent him copies of their scans to cheer him up, according to the same source.

“The staff of the hospital of St Thomas was amazing. I will never, ever able me to pay this debt to you”, she wrote on Twitter after the announcement of the release of his fiancé.

Boris Johnson is to this day the only head of government of a great power to have been contaminated by the virus, replaced in his absence by the chief of the diplomacy, Dominic Raab.

He had done Sunday morning, his first official statement since his hospitalization. “I can never be thankful enough” to NHS staff, he said then, adding: “I owe them my life.”

More than 10,000 dead

With over 900 deaths recorded on two consecutive days in the hospital, not to mention the retirement homes, the United Kingdom is the European country where the COVID-19 is the most deadly now, while Italy and Spain record décrues.

At the last balance sheet of the health authorities given Saturday, the country had 10 612 patients patients the COVID-19 dead to the hospital.

During the daily press conference of the government, the Interior minister Priti Patel had pointed out Saturday, “the seriousness of the national emergency” revealed by “the raw numbers”. Even if a responsible officer of the health services present at his side, Stephen Powis, welcomed the “early signs” of “capping” the number of new cases and hospitalizations.

Without Boris Johnson, still convalescent, the government must decide in the coming days on a possible extension of the containment, decreed on 23 march for three weeks initially.

This hypothesis seems very likely, as the authorities have stated that they expect that the peak of the pandemic is passed to soften the measures in place, Mr. Powis, warning Saturday that it was a “marathon” and not a “sprint”.

The authority must also manage the discontent within the staff, who denounces in particular the severe lack of protective equipment.

Under pressure, the Interior minister expressed Saturday “sorry” if the population has the impression that there have been failures in the supply”.

The largest trade union of nursing staff, the Royal Association of Nurses (RCN), has advised health professionals to refuse, “last resort”, to work if they were facing a severe shortage of protective equipment, while being aware that this was “a big step” for them.

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