COVID-19: Canada has its best balance sheet in over a month

COVID-19: le Canada affiche son meilleur bilan en plus d'un mois

Canada was in the process of displaying, on Monday, its balance sheet, the less tragic for more than a month, thanks in particular to the dramatic drop in the number of deaths announced in Quebec.

In the last 30 days, Canada has identified 145 deaths per day, on average, from one ocean to the other. However, on Monday, the Quebec and Ontario have reported that a total of 57 deaths, so much that the country was on track to show a balance sheet three times less deadly than average.

The last time the balance sheet of canada has been less tragic dates back to the 8th of April last, where 54 deaths had been announced. The balance sheets of the canadian West, however, were still expected in mid-day.

As usual, the Quebec continued to show the heavier balance sheet, with the discovery of 707 patients additional who have contracted the disease, for a total of 43 627 to this day. It is a number in the lineage of the last week, a little under the average, which is part of the downward trend in the number of new cases diagnosed daily.

The number of deaths amounted to 34, however, represents a drastic drop. He needs to go back to data from 12 last April to find a balance less tragic, while 32 persons had lost their fight against the disease.

Moreover, on the strength of these encouraging data, the prime minister François Legault has confirmed, Monday, that the businesses of the metropolitan community of Montreal on the storefront will finally reopen their doors on 25 may, two weeks later than originally planned.

Encouraging new data in Ontario

For its part, Ontario has announced, for the second day in succession, a total of 23 deaths in 24 hours. He must go back more than a month back, to the 13th of April, to find a balance less dark, while 17 deaths before been reported.

Most populous province in the country has also been detected 304 new infections with the coronavirus since Sunday, a number that, as in Québec, is registered below the average for the last few days and in a trend of a slowdown of the spread of the COVID-19.

These encouraging data comes at an opportune time in Ontario, where the déconfinement will accelerate as early as Tuesday. In particular, retail storefront, car dealerships, and recreational centres, and outdoor sports with activities the individual will be able to reopen, while many medical services non-essential will begin again to be offered.

First case in Nunavut

Single territory spared by the disease, the government of Nunavut announced a first case on Monday. However, the patient is not in Nunavut but in another province where he was receiving care for a medical condition that had nothing to do with the COVID-19, detailed the chief medical officer of health of Nunavut, Dr. Michael Patterson.

Nunavut had already announced a first case on his territory, on the 30th of April, but it was finally proven to be a false positive, so that the meter had been brought down to zero a few days later.

Elsewhere in the country, only Nova Scotia, with three cases, and Manitoba, with the first case for six days, saw the COVID-19 to gain a little ground.

Canada had, by mid-day Monday, a total of 78 017 cases and 5817-related deaths COVID-19.

The situation in Canada:

  • Quebec: 43 627 (3596 deaths)
  • Ontario: 22 957 (1904 death)
  • Alberta: 6644 (127 deaths)
  • British Columbia: 2428 (141 deaths)
  • Nova Scotia: 1043 (55 deaths)
  • Saskatchewan: 592 (6 deaths)
  • Manitoba: 290 (7 deaths)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: 260 (3 deaths)
  • New Brunswick: 120
  • Île-du-Prince-Édouard: 27
  • Yukon: 11
  • The North-West territories: 5
  • Nunavut: 1
  • Canadian returnees: 13

Total of confirmed cases in the country: 78 018

Total deaths in the country: 5839


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