COVID-19: Diane Francœur “puts the record straight”

COVID-19: Diane Francœur «remet les pendules à l'heure»

Stung to the quick by the output of François Legault Wednesday, the president of the Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec (FMSQ), the Dre Diane Francœur, has assured that it would work itself presents to the appeal launched by the prime minister.

“Diane Francœur’s going to be there tomorrow morning”, she started in an interview with LCN, a few minutes after the end of the briefing daily for François Legault. “Take a camera and follow me!”

The president of the FMSQ was responding to the cry of the heart initiated by François Legault, who has asked doctors specialists and general practitioners to lend a hand in NURSING homes in the province, in order to treat, feed, or wash the patients of these institutions.

Nearly 2,000 physicians are needed to ensure the quality of services, stated the prime minister.

“If the emergency is going to nourish and moisturize the elderly, it is sure that we will be there. Tell us where, tell us when, tell us how much,” said Dr. Francœur.

The president of the FMSQ criticized the government to put a lot of pressure on the shoulders of medical specialists who, nevertheless, offer their assistance to the government for several weeks.

“No one has ever requested that [François Legault] we beg or that it is put at knees in front of us. It’s been three weeks that we offer, go to help, then we will be there,” she says.

An agreement was signed Tuesday night between the specialists and the government, announced during the press briefing the minister of Health Danielle McCann. This agreement provides that all the specialist doctors to visit the people in NURSING homes will be able to charge the government an amount of$ 211 per hour, “regardless of what one does”, said Dr. Francœur.

The specialist doctors will visit the facilities to the condition that the protective equipment will be found there in sufficient quantity, she adds.

A new call for family physicians

Also arrested by the prime minister, the general practitioners have already responded to this,” according to the president of their union, Dr Louis Godin.

“You’ve got to put it in context, family physicians have responded to this,” he says.

The president of the Fédération des médecins omnipraticiens du Québec (FMOQ) will launch a new appeal to its members after the call of François Legault, but does not believe that the help of physicians is sufficient in itself to overcome the lack of staff in NURSING homes.

“In the Face of the situation, it can not just rest on the shoulders of family physicians and specialists,” said Dr. Godin. It is imperative that other health care professionals or persons in training come lend a hand.”

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