TENNIS QuantBioRes, a Danish company, plans to start clinical trials in Britain this summer

Covid-19: Djokovic is the co-founder of a biotech seeking a treatment for the disease

Novak Djokovic, January 17, 2022 on his plane to Belgrade. — Darko Bandic/AP/SIPA

Recently expelled tennis champion Novak Djokovic from Australia to the end of a long saga around his vaccine status, is the co-founder and majority shareholder of a biotech company working on the development of vaccines. a treatment for Covid, the director of the Danish company said on Wednesday.

“He is one of the founders of my company, established in June 2020,” to AFP Ivan Loncarevic, at the head of QuantBioRes. The biotech's bylaws, available from the Danish Companies Registry, show that the world's number one tennis player and his wife, Jelena Djokovic, own at the two of them 80% of QuantBioRes which employs around twenty people in Denmark, Slovenia, Australia and the United Kingdom.

A treatment against Covid, but not a vaccine

“Our goal is to develop new technology to fight resistant bacteria and viruses and we have decided to to use Covid as a showcase,” he explained. “If we succeed with Covid-19​, we will succeed with all the other viruses,” plans to launch clinical trials in Britain at the summer, clarified Mr. Loncarevic. The Serbian star, not vaccinated, had received an exemption to come to Melbourne to play the Australian Open despite the obligation to be doubly vaccinated; to enter Australian territory. After a legal battle, he was finally released. expelled Sunday. Contact by AFP, Djokovic’s spokesman did not wish to comment on his participation in; the Danish company.