Covid-19: “Do not have family reunions with the fragile grandparents”, warns Karine Lacombe

    Covid-19: “Do not have family reunions with the fragile grandparents”, warns Karine Lacombe

    A bad omen for after the holidays? According to infectious disease specialist Karine Lacombe, head of the infectious diseases department at Saint-Antoine hospital in Paris, people who arrive in hospitals have been mainly contaminated within the family.

    “These are typically parents, grandparents, who have family reunions with children and grandchildren. We have few people who arrive at the hospital after being contaminated at work; the origin of the contaminations is really intrafamilial ”, she explained on BFMTV. The doctor also pointed to the “clandestine parties” which took place “in many places in France, and are at the origin of the resumption of the transmission of the virus”, because they are “super-contaminating events . “

    And to make another observation: “On the epidemiological level, the epidemic is not at all under control, despite the efforts that have been made over the past two months. “

    “An increase in contamination” to come after Christmas

    With the arrival of holidays and family reunions, the infectious disease specialist is hardly optimistic. “It is obvious that at the end of this Christmas period we will have an increase in contaminations and arrivals in intensive care. It is inevitable, unless everyone takes responsibility individually and decides to spend Christmas in a small committee, ”she says. And to insist: “We must not have these family reunions with the grandparents who are in a fragile situation. “

    Asked about a possible reopening of bars and restaurants on January 20, the doctor replied that the decision will have to be taken “in light of the health situation”. “I think that we will really know around January 10 what we will have to do,” she said, hoping that the arrival of the vaccine will bend the curve.

    Finally, the doctor said on the other hand favorable with the maintenance of the opening of schools. “It is absolutely essential”. All the more so, according to her, that schools are no longer places where “the virus is transmitted between adults and children” since the latter wear masks.

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