COVID-19 : doctors warn players of the NHL

COVID-19 : des médecins mettent en garde les joueurs de la LNH

Dr. Andrew Morris, an infectious disease specialist in Toronto, is worried about the long term health of the players of the national hockey League (NHL), because of the COVID-19.

“Young athletes don’t think about these things because they think they are invincible, but from time to time, we see people young and in good health, suffering from very bad diseases, and this is no different, said Dr. Morris in an interview with TSN. It would be unusual for a young athlete in good health fall really sick with the COVID and ending up in intensive care, but there is always someone who wins the lottery, right?”

The specialist also believes that athletes should ensure to have guarantees of the NHL if the season 2019-2020 is completed soon.

“They should want their health care and their incomes are assured, because they are taking an additional risk, especially if they reside in the United States.”

Effects later?

Also questioned by TSN, Dr. Mark Loeb has shown that it was impossible to tell whether the players who were contracted or who will become infected with the coronavirus will develop health complications later in their life.

“With the COVID-19, anyone can die if you lose the genetic lottery, he said. The risk of young healthy athletes such as NHL players is low. However, nobody can say with certainty that they will be safe. Does anyone know what are the long term effects of this virus, and nobody knows, biologically, who is at risk, or who is not. There is a belief that if someone has been exposed to the COVID-19 and that it has antibodies, it will be protected. But we don’t really know.”

The agents also worried about

The words of these two doctors did nothing to reassure the agents of the players, while several of them want that their customers get guarantees. This is the case of Ian Pulver, who represents Tyler Seguin and Thomas Chabot.

“If something is not written, it is not real, said Pulver. I expect that the NHL and the players Association put in place a sustainable and comprehensive medical plan to ensure that athletes are protected against everything that could happen, in the short or long term, if they play in this environment.”

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