COVID-19: Dominic Arpin, fascinated by the web that catches fire

COVID-19: Dominic Arpin, fasciné par le web qui s’enflamme

MONTREAL | Suffering and weariness were the lot of many since the beginning of the confinement. But, by opening our electronic devices, we see here and there, arcs-en-ciel. The phrase “It will go”, which has become a rallying cry.

Tributes funny to Horacio Arruda, national director of the public health. Cute videos of children. Benefits to artists who commit themselves live from their home, in all simplicity. And lark.

In short, the rays of the sun are thin, but they come anyway to break through the big grey clouds.

Is this to say that, even in times of global pandemic, flowers can still grow in the manure? The image makes you smile to Dominic Arpin, who scrutinizes the trends of the web over the last 15 seasons at the helm of Vlog, TVA.

“I find that this is a very, very beautiful expression, is full of the facilitator. It’s a long time that I am on the web, and I’ve never seen a case like this. There is an excitement, currently, which is fascinating to see it go, concepts that are born of it, the beauty, the kindness, the caring…”

“In the past few years, we get questioned a lot about “trolls” and all the hatred that I saw break on the web, continued Dominic. But, in this moment, it is the beautiful side re-emerges. This shows how the web is a tool gatherer, which allows you to create links, to entertain people, to help each other in times of confinement. I spend my full days to look at what is happening on Instagram, the videos are released on YouTube, the artists that offer live performances… It’s very impressive to see it all.”

Wariness and caution

Dominic Arpin is said to packed with the imagination and madness that the internet users are showing in the face of adversity. He cites the example of the comedian Mathieu Dufour (Matt Duff) and his Show-rona virus 21 h, a “talk show” daily live on Instagram. Arpin believes that new talents will surely blossom in the storm and find their audience otherwise.

“This is a crisis that is serious, but people are creative as ever. A new medium is being created. It is like the tv participatory. There is more distance between the audience and the person who drives it. In my opinion, this is one of the new realities that the pandemic will be revealed.”

However, there are two sides to a medal: between two good jokes, fake news surrounding the COVID-19, its causes and consequences, to swarm, just as conspiracy theories and other useless statements controversial. Dominic Arpin invites distrust and caution when it comes the time to learn about the Internet.

“The council remains the same : it is necessary to take the time. When something appears, it is necessary to take a step back, ask where it comes from, if it is credible, see if we can quickly find a second source… This is not rocket science. Often, we are fooled because the news seems credible, but it’s just because we don’t have the time to make the intellectual effort to find out who is behind it. This kind of situation already existed, but there are so many more people on the web these days that it seems as if it is flowing faster than usual.”

The captain’s Vlog reiterates its call to “build bridges to clear the distance”, during this period of life where modern applications such as Teams, Zoom, and Messenger, for example, become our best allies.

“My girlfriend is at home, she lost her “job” because of the events, shows Dominic. In the evening, she is doing 5 to 7 with friends, quiz, games on Facebook. It is necessary to use the web to spread the goodness and create links. This is note currently, and I find it really beautiful.”

Vlog, Sunday, 19 h, in VAT. Dominic Arpin also hosts Van Adventure, the Wednesday, at 21 h, to Escape.

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