COVID-19: Dominique Brown is outraged by the message of an entrepreneur

COVID-19: Dominique Brown est révolté par le message d’un entrepreneur

“Let’s see, tabarnak!”

The owner of Chocolates Favorites has not been a dead hand to another contractor of which he preferred to silence the name in a publication on Facebook.

It is a message inviting people to “open the eyes” and asking “the government to pay less attention to the CHSLD and instead of worrying about small business entrepreneurs,” who was offended by Dominique Brown.

“Dear entrepreneur, the future, this is nothing other than the result of all of the good people before you have built. If you have could you open a trade, if you have the means as a society to deploy the social safety net that our governments have made, it is because of the people, and those people now in NURSING homes, have voted, have paid with their taxes for years. Open a history book and you will see that they are passed through all kinds of tests to build the Quebec of today. Believe me, they are your future and deserve much more,” he wrote.

The dragon also invites the individual to question his values.

“You have a family, children. If you’re really an entrepreneur, you will find a way to bounce back in the new economic reality. The people we are talking about already have to many lost their dignity and are fighting for the life that remains to them. It is to lose everything. Do you think it’s difficult that you live and how much you have to work hard? Will thus work in a ltc facility for a week. Poor li’l it”, he said.

Mr Brown announced at the same time the commercial agreement that he had with the contractor in question.

“You were on the list of companies who I worked with for years and I was going to place an order this week. Do not hold your breath, this command will never happen again”, we read.

Through his frustration, he adds, however, sympathise with “the entrepreneurs who have difficult now.”

“Today, I’m going to go outside and play. It cost me nothing. But it’s still a lot more than people in NURSING homes so I’m going to enjoy simonac,” concluded the businessman.

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