COVID-19: employees always work at the plant, Olymel to Yamachiche

COVID-19: des employés toujours au boulot à l'usine d'Olymel à Yamachiche

YAMACHICHE | Despite the closure of the plant, Olymel to Yamachiche Sunday because of an outbreak of major COVID-19, a fifty volunteer workers came to the factory on Wednesday, for a last shift.

As of Wednesday, 41 employees of the factory had received a positive diagnosis after to have been tested for the COVID-19, which is an increase of 12 infections in only 24 hours.

Because of the disease, Olymel announced the closing of its factory of cutting of pigs and the implementation of segregation of its approximately 1000 employees for two weeks.

However, workers have made a last shift Wednesday.

“I am very disappointed to Olymel. It’s still a multinational corporation. It had been proposed to the employer to cut the shuttle [of workers] of Montreal, to cut workers ‘ non-essential as people a temporary work assignment, work light, these things, and the employer has refused, saying the monetary impact that it was going to generate for the company,” said Janick Vallières, a trade union delegate to Olymel in a telephone interview with TVA News.

Olymel has, meanwhile, defended the relevance of pursuing a couple cutting meat on Wednesday. “This is an operation that has been carefully prepared with the cooperation of public health services,” assured a company representative.

It is important to note that consumers should not be afraid of products coming out of the factory. “There is currently no evidence to suggest that the power supply is a source or a likely route of transmission of the virus,” said the canadian Agency of food inspection.

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