COVID-19: employees infected at the Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis

The coronavirus causes the preventive withdrawal of several workers at the Hotel-Dieu de Lévis, of which at least six would have been incurred, according to information collected by The Journal.

A nurse from the operating theatre would have felt symptoms around the 5th April last. Since, this person and at least four of his colleagues have received a positive diagnosis, according to two employees who are committed to the Journal.

There would be among them at least one physician and one respiratory therapist.

In the beginning of the week, a dozen nurses, five therapists and two surgeons who were in administrative segregation in connection with this situation, according to our information.

In addition, an internal communication sent to the staff of the hospital lévisien, Monday, to notify another employee, assigned to the central appointment, received a positive result at the COVID-19.

In this context, all of the employees of this sector, nine people, is in preventive withdrawal, can you read.

The integrated Centre of health and social services Chaudière-Appalaches (CISSS) has recognized that there is “more than one person in the operating room” and that withdrawals preventive affect “more than one type of job”.

The health agency has, however, refused to reveal the precise number of employees that the diagnosis of the COVID-19 has been confirmed, citing confidentiality requirements.

It was impossible to have a portrait of the situation at the facility level.

A spokeswoman, Mireille Gaudreau, indicated that the situation does not lead to any break in service at the Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis. The work load is reduced both in the operating room to the call centre, because many appointments are non-urgent have been delayed, she explained.

— With the collaboration of Catherine Bouchard


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