COVID-19 : essential services in the automotive, explained by Robert Poëti

COVID-19 : les services essentiels dans l’automobile expliqués par Robert Poëti

These last few days, François Legault announced that industrial and commercial enterprises non-essential were forced to close their doors until the 13th of April next. To discuss what is considered an essential service and what is not in the automotive industry, Antoine Joubert and Germain Goyer have received Robert Poëti, president and ceo of the Corporation of the automobile dealers of Quebec, the issuance of The Guide the self on QUB Radio.

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History that the notion of essential services is clear to all, Mr. Poëti has explained that ” what we have now said to the dealers, it is that any person who has a travel essential, which has a problematic mechanical, I’m not talking about sales, we’ll talk about it sometimes, you can repair it, you can do it. “

Asked him about the exceptional opening in the sales department of a car dealership in the event of the total loss of a vehicle due to an accident, Mr. Poëti responds in the positive and states that ” if the insurance declares it a total loss, you have, for example, $ 20 000 for your auto, you can buy another one. It can make a transaction online. The majority of the dealers that are currently open, it is safe of the time we speak of large groups because there are more people at the technological level, they were already doing to a large part. “

During this broadcast, Anthony and Germain have also discussed the lifting of tariffs for the toll A25 and A30, from the beginning of the production of the Polestar 2, of the decision not to cancel the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Canada and of the report of the 500 Miles of Indianapolis. The two facilitators have also delivered their impressions on the Mazda CX-30 and Mitsubishi RVR recently tried.

To conclude the show, they returned on the cancellation of the Granby International, which is the exhibition of vintage cars, the most important of the province.

The issuance of The Guide of the self, it is every Saturday at 10 pm on QUB Radio.

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