COVID-19: explosion event in a CHSLD de Montréal hitherto spared

COVID-19: explosion de cas dans un CHSLD de Montréal jusque-là épargné

One of the last CHSLD de l’ouest-de-l’île-de-Montréal to be spared by the COVID-19 has been seen, in four days, his situation escalate, learned VAT News Sunday.

According to Johanne Riendeau, president of the Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec (FIQ), which represents the employees of this sector of the metropolis, the number of positive cases in the users of the CHSLD Denis-Benjamin-Viger in l’île-Bizard is increased from 0 to 21.

Thursday: no event. The next day, Friday, two cases. On Saturday, four cases and Sunday, 21 clients were tested positive on a total of 125.

“The entire third floor is affected,” says a woman to the beneficiaries of the institution.

“There is a lot of worry and stress, said Ms. Riendeau in a telephone interview. It is also lacking in staff in this accommodation centre is already working with fewer staff. They want to of course give quality care and safe, so this is not easy, having so many positive cases in so few days.”

The employer is aware of the situation and a meeting was to take place in the afternoon between the direction of the CHSLD and the FIQ. One of the first measures to be taken is the isolation in the “red zone” of patients with the COVID-19.

The CHSLD Denis-Benjamin-Viger has tested all of its users and the reporting of additional cases is to be expected in this establishment of the Île-Bizard.

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