COVID-19 France: 21 856 dead, +516 deaths in 24 hours

COVID-19 en France: 21 856 morts, +516 décès en 24 heures

PARIS | With 516 new deaths on Thursday, the outbreak of new coronavirus in France was 21 856 deaths since the beginning of march, but the number of patients hospitalized in icu continues its decline, continues for fifteen days, according to the directorate-general of Health (DGS).

The epidemic has killed 13 547 people in hospitals, or 311 deaths in 24 hours, and 8309 in institutions for the elderly (Ehpad) and other medico-social establishments (+205), specifies the DGS in a press release.

However, since now fifteen consecutive days, the number of individuals hospitalized in the intensive care unit, indicator of the pressure of the epidemic on the hospital system, decreases. They were Thursday evening 5053, 165 less than Wednesday.

“However, we remain always at an exceptional level, higher than the maximum capacity of resuscitation in France before the crisis,” which were of 5000 beds, specifies the DGS.

Similarly, if new patients are still present in many hospitals, the overall number of patients in the hospital continues its decline, which started eight days ago, they are still 29 219, but 522 of less than Wednesday.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, 42 088 people were out of the hospital, “without counting the tens of thousands of people healed in the city,” recalls the DGS.

“The coming days are very important to be at the rendez-vous of may 11,” when to start déconfinement progressive, repeated the French authorities, so that ” the containment must be able to pass the déconfinement “.

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