COVID-19: From one extreme to the other on the employment market

The thousands of layoffs that have hit Quebec in the last few weeks have quickly transformed the employment market, now dominated by jobs requiring little training.

Clerk, material handler, cashier, delivery driver, in these times of crisis, the offers of employment that are not qualified in the area of essential services, such as those in the field of food processing and retail trade will continue to dominate the labour market in the short term, according to Yves-Thomas Dorval, CEO, Quebec employers Council (CPQ).

“At the level of the skilled workforce, there is a marked slowdown”, he says.

When the operations will restart, the companies, which have had to put people on foot, are going to have to start a search for employees more qualified, ” he said, as some of you may be tempted to go see if the grass is greener on the other side.

The demand for these positions, however, could be lower than before the crisis, warns Mr. Dorval.


“Obviously, as you will be in a recession, it will not be in the same situation of full employment that was experienced just before,” he adds.

The recession could last until the end of the year 2020, followed by a gradual recovery anticipated there.

“I’m not devin. I could be wrong. The needs of the workforce will not be at the same height as before for the rest of the year 2020,” added the CEO of the CPQ.

Level of confidence flat

According to the canadian Federation of independent business (CFIB), many small business owners will be forced to make further layoffs. These workers will add to the 930 000 others who have already made an employment insurance claim in Canada. “The level of confidence of SMES in Quebec has never been as low since more than 30 years. We associate it to the fact that Quebec has been more rapid at the level of restraint measures to contain the virus, which has had an impact on the confidence of entrepreneurs “, says his side François Vincent, Quebec vice-chair of the CFIB.

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