COVID-19: Gilles Lehouillier wants the opening of shops

COVID-19: Gilles Lehouillier veut l’ouverture de commerces de proximité

While businesses in lévis suffered losses of hundreds of millions of dollars, mayor Gilles Lehouillier request to the government Legault to allow the opening of shops.

“We’ll have to reflect seriously upon to expand the range in the instructions. In certain types of commerce, it can be done. There are much more likely to have some issues in the large surfaces, type Costco or Walmart, that in a small business where one can easily organize to abide by the rules of social distancing,” said the mayor, Thursday morning, in point of press.

It is that the situation is more critical in Lévis, where 80% of businesses are either closed or in deep sleep. “If the confinement continues, we will reach the critical time where one is likely to have closures without, he warned. We may reach a point of no return for some shopping.”

Mr. Lehouillier joined its voice with those of other mayors of the east and north of Quebec.

Noting that his region has had relatively few positive cases to the COVID-19, the mayor hopes that the businesses in the Chaudière-Appalaches will be part of the first wave of déconfinement. The government plan specific to this topic will be revealed next week.

Hundreds of millions of losses

Since the beginning of march, a survey that assesses the losses in 725 companies in lévis to the round sum of 641 million $. As Lévis account 4500 companies, the actual number of casualties is surely higher than that press release. It can be calculated in billions of dollars for the last few weeks, ” said the mayor.

Conscious of the urgency of the situation, the City of Lévis says it wants to deploy a broad economic recovery plan, which includes the sectors industrial, commercial, tourism, residential and resort.

“The stimulus, it’s going to take a couple of years,” warned Gilles Lehouillier.

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