COVID-19: gradual Return class claimed

COVID-19: Retour progressif en classe réclamé

School principals are asking Quebec to allow them to spread out the back of the may 11, on some days, to better accommodate vulnerable pupils and put in place sanitary measures. At least one school board has not waited for the green light from Quebec to go forward.

The commission scolaire des Hautes-Rivières, in Montérégie, has announced that the return to school will not happen at the same time for all students, the 11th may next.

“We consider it advisable that the school pupils are gradual in order to ensure compliance with public health directives, and in particular the distance”, one can read in a message for the parents.

For their part, school principals are asking Quebec to allow the back to progressive in the institutions who want to spread the back-to-school on a few days.


Since the government Legault put on a back-to-school gradual, it is difficult to understand why this would not be possible, ” says Carl Ouellet, president of the Association québécoise du personnel de direction of the schools.

“The danger is to escape of the students, not being able to take good care of them arriving, if all the world is at the same time. The young for whom it is not well past, the first day, is it going to come back the next day?” asked Mr. Ouellet.

This last reminds us that one of the first reasons put forward by the government Legault to open schools to take care of the kids that are the most vulnerable. “We want to welcome them”, he says.

The cabinet of the minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, it was stated yesterday that the request of the principals, is currently under study.

The Brits defy Quebec

For their part, the English school boards have announced yesterday that they will decide “if and when” each of their schools can re-open “after you have determined that all necessary conditions can be met in each case”.

Despite the adoption of act 40, the English school boards continue to assert their right to manage their school system as a minority language, stated in a press release.


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