COVID-19: gyms want to be an essential service

COVID-19: gyms want to be an essential service

Forced to close their doors during confinement, training centers fear the repercussions of the 2nd wave of COVID-19 and ask the government to consider them as an essential service.

When the Legault government decreed the first containment measures last March, the gyms had to immediately cease their activities and they were among the last to be able to reopen when Quebec started up again.

Gabriel Hardy, owner of Tonic CrossFit in Quebec City, is part of the group of training center owners who want to remain open and essential over the coming months even if regions go into the red zone.

“We are an essential service, because we provide physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Health is not just about staying home and hiding while the virus passes. We can take care of it every day and make a difference in our immune system and ward off chronic disease, ”says Hardy.

The owner of the Tonic CrossFit ensures that the measures put in place in the gyms are safe with regard to the transmission of COVID-19.

“There is no outbreak across Canada in the fitness industry. It is reassuring for the population and for governments. We make people move, get out of their homes. We would like to be considered essential like McDonald's and company, ”argues Gabriel Hardy.


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