Covid-19: he wants to produce 350 000 masks per day for our guardian angels

Covid-19: il veut produire 350 000 masques par jour pour nos anges gardiens

In front of a possible shortage of masks in the health care system, the president of Julia Wine, also a shareholder in Mistral, reaches out to Quebec. The businessman has transformed one of its chinese factories to produce 1.2 million masks per day.

In search of solutions to participate in the worldwide battle against the spread of the COVID-19, Alain Lord Mounir has decided to convert one production line of water shoes in the manufacture of protective masks.

He launched this idea of a vice-president at Mistral, a manufacturer of windsurfing and diving suit, around the 13th of march last.

Workers at the plant from Mistral, in Shenzhen, a city of 12 million people near Hong Kong.

A few days later, the company got the green light from the us authorities. It has also received during this same period the necessary permissions to deliver products on the side of Europe.

“I already have orders to the United States. When I contacted them, two days after, a person was visiting our factory. I am going to deliver millions of masks”, tells the Journal Mounir. “I come, however, in Quebec, it is important for me to do my part here,” he adds.

Distribution Centre in Lavaltrie

Mr. Mounir is best known throughout the province as the president of the company Julia Wine. Its bottling plant is located at Lavaltrie in Lanaudière. It is in this place that the masks will be shipped.

The businessman believes it could provide to the health system in Quebec, “350 000 masks, of which 50 000 type KN95 and 300 000 surgical”, by day. The first delivery would be on 5 April.

Alain Lord Mounir, president of the Julia Wine and shareholder of Mistral, had, yesterday, a message to all Quebecers.

It must be said that since Sunday, the “Mistral” is already in production medical equipment in his factory in Shenzhen. The majority of the 1.2 million masks products per day will lead, however, our neighbours to the South.

“He has a problem of mask in several countries. I spoke first with the United States to quickly obtain the accreditation of the Food and Drug Administration. It is easier for the other countries. We have access to the raw material. I could provide a continuous supply in Quebec,” says Mounir.

“On the side of the United States, the leaders want the whole of my production. For me, it is important to give a helping hand in Quebec. I do this because I want the economy to resume as quickly as possible. I invite other entrepreneurs to also search for solutions”, he adds, welcoming the crisis management of the government in this folder.

In addition to being a shareholder, Mr Mounir is responsible for the development of Mistral, North America, the west Indies and the Caribbean. In a video published on the YouTube channel of Julia Wine, he offers his help to the government.

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