COVID-19: Here is the crisis of the government Legault

COVID-19: Voici la cellule de crise du gouvernement Legault

Nearly 20 people are part of the crisis team that meets on a daily basis with the prime minister, François Legault, to prepare the government’s response to the current pandemic.

Each morning, around 10: 30, they meet at the building Honoré-Mercier, in the office of the prime minister of Quebec, and to take stock of the situation.

As a precautionary measure, they are divided into two rooms in order to avoid any proximity to potential contagion between two people.

This main meeting, preceded or followed by other small groups, held few hours before the daily press conference of Mr. Legault.

Our Bureau of investigation has obtained on government sources for more details on the members of this committee where decisions are taken are crucial to manage the consequences of this global health crisis without precedent.

– With the collaboration of Marie-Christine Trottier

François Legault

62 YEARS old | Prime minister

Mr. Legault is the head of the State of quebec while Quebec goes through a perfect storm. Not only lives are in danger, but the economy is collapsing. Its quick to take actions to contain the current outbreak of the coronavirus has earned him broad support throughout Quebec. With this pandemic, Mr. Legault is faced with huge challenges of organization and communication. The population understands the difficulty of his task. She is ready to forgive him some errors, inaccuracies or contradictory messages. All the more that so far the government has been able to demonstrate that the situation is relatively under control. But, day after day, it becomes increasingly clear that Mr. Legault advance into unknown territory. Its mandate, but also his political career, will be marked by the way in which it will lead Quebec to a crisis. Hence the importance that it can count on a strong team for the daily.


Martin Koskinen

46 YEARS old | Director of the office of the prime minister

Faithful ally of Mr. Legault for nearly 20 years, Martin Koskinen is his man of trust. He can certainly be credited to the ability of the CAQ to keep their eyes on the ball in the tumult. “He is like a fish in water”, is said to describe in the current crisis.


Claude Laflamme

51 YEARS old | assistant Director of the cabinet

A lawyer by training, she has been the director of legal affairs at Transat, when Mr. Legault was president and chief executive officer.


Stéphane Gobeil

52 YEARS old | senior Advisor

Responsible for the drafting of the speech of Mr. Legault. Before joining the QCA, he held similar functions to the first minister Pauline Marois. He has also advised the leader of the Bloc québécois, Gilles Duceppe, before the join to Quebec.


Guillaume Simard-Leduc

34 YEARS old | Director of communications

It plans the sequence of communications in the coming days, including ministerial announcements. From the sector adéquiste, he was also the communications of the CAQ in the opposition.


Manual Dionne

39 YEARS old | Director of media relations

Mr. Dionne coordinates the daily messages of the government and the work of the press attaché of ministers. Ex-press secretary to the minister pq’s Bernard Drainville and the president of the Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec Régine Laurent.


Benjamin Bélair

42 YEARS old | Director of international relations

In addition to leveraging its knowledge of health records, he is responsible for links with Ottawa during the current crisis.


Sebastien Lauzon

30 YEARS | executive Assistant to the prime minister

He is also an advisor for the records of municipal affairs, of agriculture and food. Before the last election, he was an advisor to Sylvie D’amours, mna for Mirabel.


Pascal Mailhot

50 YEARS | Director of strategic planning

Within the committee, it is responsible for making links with departments. With the CAQ since 2012, Pascal Mailhot has been spokesman of the Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital, after having been a political advisor to the cabinets of premiers Lucien Bouchard and Bernard Landry.


Yves Ouellet


52 YEARS old | Secretary general of the ministry of the executive Council

An economist by training, he has climbed slowly up the ranks of the public service for the past 30 years, the ministry of Finance, the executive Council and treasury Board. He was president and general manager of the Société québécoise des infrastructures when François Legault was appointed as the head of her department. As secretary-general of the executive Board, Mr. Ouellet is the big boss of all the under-ministers of the government apparatus.


Michel Léveillé

54 YEARS old | associate Secretary general for government communications

His role in the crisis unit is linked to the delivery of advertisements and public health messages. Mr. Léveillé has ten years of experience in the communications to the Red Cross in Quebec, where it has weathered a number of crisis management situations.


Danielle McCann

67 YEARS | Minister of Health

Mrs. McCann has a long roadmap of management in the network of health, including as president and general director of the Agency of health and social services of Montreal.


Jonathan Valois

49 YEARS old | Director of the cabinet of the minister of Health

Ex-member of the parti québecois, he joined the cabinet of Mrs McCann there are about two months, after having led that of the minister of the Family, Mathieu Lacombe.


Yvan Gendron

60 YEARS old | Under-minister of Health

Ex-director general of the hôpital Charles-Le Moyne, he was president and ceo of the CIUSSS of the East-of-the-Island-of-Montreal at the time, where he was appointed deputy minister of Health.


Horacio Arruda

59 YEARS old | national Director of public health

This is the one that you see on television every day. Doctor, Mr. Arruda is a specialist in community health and preventive medicine. He is the patron of public health in Quebec since 2012.


Geneviève Guilbault

37 YEARS old | Vice-prime minister and minister of public Safety

Ex-spokesman for the coroner’s Office, particularly during the crisis management of the disaster railway in Lac-Mégantic. She was also press officer of the ex-minister of public Security and Justice Jacques Dupuis.


Cédric Lavoie

42 YEARS old | Director of the cabinet of the minister of Health

Cédric Lavoie has been a political advisor of the parliamentary wing caquiste. First, a special advisor to the cabinet of Ms. Guilbault, he was promoted to director of the cabinet last summer.


Brigitte Pelletier

56 YEARS old | Under-minister to the public Safety

Ms. Pelletier was the deputy minister of the ministry of Labour, Employment and social Solidarity before moving on to the public Safety in January. She has also been director of cabinet of the prime minister, Bernard Landry, in 2002-2003.

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  • Case in the world : 595 953
  • Death in the world : 27 333
  • In Canada : 4633
  • Case in Québec : 2021 + 392 compared to Thursday
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