COVID-19: how Quebec was closed in a month

COVID-19: comment le Québec s’est fermé en un mois

Andrea Valeria

Since the world health Organization (WHO) declared the global pandemic on 11 march, the life of Quebec has been greatly turned upside down. The next day, the Quebec government began to gradually impose restrictions on gatherings and travel in order to avoid the spread of the COVID-19. The sports and cultural events, from the most minor to the most significant, have also been cancelled. Here is how Quebec has gradually closed in 30 days, at which time the government expects to raise some of the measures.

March 11,

  • WHO says that the COVID-19 has now become a pandemic.
  • Danielle McCann, minister of Health, announces that the world Championships of figure skating expected to Montreal are cancelled to contain the spread of the coronavirus.
  • The National Basketball Association (NBA) suspends its season.

March 12,

  • The government of François Legault asked the people who have returned from overseas or who have symptoms comparable to the flu, to place themselves in voluntary isolation for 14 days. For all those who work in child care, in the health sector or in education, the segregation is compulsory.
  • It ordered germany tocancel all the rallies interiors of more than 250 people. Also, in general terms, the prime minister’s request to cancel all the events that are not necessary, and invites its citizens to do telework.
  • Casinos and games rooms close their doors.
  • The national hockey League (NHL) and Major League Soccer (MLS) announced the suspension of their season.

March 13,

  • The Quebec government announced that from the 16th of march, the schools, cegeps, universities and child care will be closed until march 27.
  • It also indicates that the activities of the courts will be suspended, with the exception of causes urgent.
  • The federal government advises Canadians of’avoid all non-essential travel abroad until further notice.
  • The world Cup of cross-country skiing 2020 to Québec is cancelled.

March 14,

  • François Legault says the state of public health emergency.
  • The people of 70 years and older and those with a weakened immune system are advised to not leave their homes.
  • All visits to seniors ‘ centres, NURSING homes, and in hospitals is prohibited.
  • The snowbirds and all canadian travellers are asked to come quickly to the country.

March 15,

  • The government of Québec announces the closing of bars, gyms, sugar houses, show rooms, swimming pools, hockey rinks and ski centres. Restaurants must cut their capacity by half.
  • Quebecers are encouraged to keep between them a distance of at least 1 meter and limit their movement.
  • The churches cancel all their activities, including the masses.

March 16,

  • The prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, today announced the closure of the border to visitors from all countries, except the Us.

March 17,

  • The Quebec national Assembly to suspend its work until 21 April.

March 18,

  • The federal government announces the closure of the border with the United States to the travelers.
  • François Legault is calling on people not to gather. He insists on this measure, stressing that it also applies to places of worship.

March 19,

  • The prime minister asked the Québécois d’avoid moves from one region to another.

March 22,

  • Québec announces that as of midnight, and this, until the 1st of may, all the shopping centres will have to close, with the exception of food shops, pharmacies and liquor-Québec. Quebec Corporations of cannabis also remain open.
  • Restaurants must close their rooms and offer only the service delivery or takeout.
  • Hairdressing salons and aesthetics will also close as of midnight.
  • The closure of schools and childcare services is extended until the 1st of may.
  • Colleges and universities offer all of their courses online.

March 23,

  • The prime minister François Legault puts the Quebec “on pause” and announces the closure of all businesses and all amenities with the exception of essential services and of their suppliers as of midnight on the 24th of march until the 13 April.
  • For businesses that are not related to the trade essential, only telecommuting and online commerce are allowed.
  • All the elderly people who live in the residence can no longer go outunless supervised.

March 25,

  • Ottawa decreed that all travelers entering the country must be self–isolater for 14 days, even if they are not experiencing symptoms. If passengers do not comply, they face fines of up to 750 000 $, or even the jail.

March 27,

  • François Legault reiterates the setpoint for the Quebecers to stay at home unless you go to seek or offer an essential service.
  • The set of social distancing is in the range of 1 to 2 meters.
  • The walks outside are allowed if the individuals comply with the aloofness. People who have symptoms of the virus, or have been found positive to the virus may not make the market.
  • The City of Montreal is in a health emergency.

28 march

  • Quebec restricts access to the eight regions to protect them from the sars coronavirus. Only travel considered essential are now allowed in the Bas-Saint-Laurent, Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Côte-Nord, Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, Gaspésie and Îles-de-la-Madeleine, in the Nord-du-Québec, Nunavik and cree territory of James bay. Police checkpoints will be installed to control the inputs and outputs of the remote areas.
  • The rental of any tourist residence, such as cottages, is prohibited to avoid displacement. The hotels and campsites designated to accommodate the snowbirds are exempt from this measure.

March 30,

  • The prime minister Legault announced that the retail key will be closed on Sunday for the whole month of April. However, the service stations – – -, c-stores, pharmacies and counters for take-out restaurants will remain open.

1er April

  • The provincial limited access to four new regions : Outaouais, the territories of the regional county municipalities of Antoine-Labelle and Argenteuil to the region of the Laurentians, the Lanaudière region – more precisely the territories d’autray, Joliette, of Matawinie and Montcalm – and the agglomeration of La Tuque.
  • The police will carry out random checks, only the movement essential be allowed.

April 2,

  • François Legault ask the various police forces to be more severe towards those who do not comply with the guidelines of social distancing public health.

April 3,

  • The Tour of the island of Montreal (cycling) is cancelled.

April 4,

  • Quebec adds the Charlevoix region and the city of Rouyn–Noranda to areas where travel is restricted to prevent the transmission of the community.

April 5,

  • The government caquiste extends to the closure of businesses and retailers are not essential. Quebec will be “on pause” until 4 may.

April 6,

  • Women who give birth at the jewish general Hospital in Montreal will have to do it alone. They may, however, transfer to another institution. This directive does not extend to other hospitals, says François Legault.

April 7,

  • The prime minister asked the Quebec don’t get together for Easter.
  • The mayor Valérie Plante announced that all sporting events, cultural and large gatherings of the territory of Montreal are cancelled until 2 July inclusive. The international jazz Festival and the Francofolies will not take place. The Just for laughs festival and the formula 1 Grand Prix are deferred to later dates.

April 8,

  • The staff and all the residents of the CHSLD must systematically pass test screening of the COVID-19.

April 9,

  • The 53rd Festival d’été de Québec is cancelled.

April 10,

  • The Quebec government requested thecancellation of all festivals, and sporting and cultural events until 31 August.
  • The late transfers of patients from hospitals to NURSING homes was also announced.
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