Covid-19 in Lyon and in the region: “no test guarantees that you will not be contaminants”

    Covid-19 in Lyon and in the region: “no test guarantees that you will not be contaminants”

    If the test is a real plus for everyone’s safety, a negative screening should not mean giving up barrier gestures during family reunions for Christmas. © Freepik

    The massive screening campaign organized by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region opens this Wednesday, December 16. All screened before Christmas … The objective of this large-scale operation is to detect as many positive cases as possible for Covid-19 by antigen test before the festive and family reunion. History to wake up in all serenity, and this all the more so as the last epidemiological assessments confirm a stagnation of the epidemic. Or even worse, when deconfinement gives way to curfew from 8 p.m. on Tuesday, December 15.

    “We are observing a worrying evolution of the epidemic due to a very slight decrease in the circulation of SARS-CoV-2, after four weeks of strong decrease”, noted Santé Publique France on December 10. The Regional Health Agency specifies that “Between November 30 and December 6, more than 10,000 new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed, on average, every day in France. And the human toll reached even more than 2,500 deaths ”.

    A week later, the situation has not changed. With still half a thousand patients in intensive care and 65 new deaths between Sunday and Monday, the hospital situation is still tense in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Especially in the Rhône, the department with the most Covid-19 patients in France (read TO KNOW). The virus is still circulating, and the prospect of a third wave after the holidays cannot be ruled out.

    Covid-19: the test, yes, but with barrier gestures!

    Hence the need not to lower our guard, first and foremost by continuing to respect barrier gestures. It would be dangerous to believe that a simple test is enough to protect the population. Screening, in fact, does not protect against contamination, as the Minister of Health Olivier Véran regularly insists. The health authorities fear a culpable loss of vigilance, on the sole basis of a negative test.

    This is what Christian Brun, president of the CRSA Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (regional conference on health and autonomy) sums up. “A negative result of your test can be a ‘false negative’ for a number of reasons and lead you to think that you are free from the virus, and therefore not contagious, when you may be infected. In addition, the negative result indicates your situation at the time of the test, but it is possible to be contaminated after this one. No test to date can therefore guarantee that you will not be contaminating; the only way to preserve oneself and to protect others is to respect barrier gestures, the only ones capable of stopping the spread of the virus: hand washing, physical distancing, frequent ventilation of rooms, wearing a mask when necessary. recommended…”

    Covid-19: when the Prime Minister advises to avoid school …

    The message is therefore clear: “The best protection against the COVID 19 virus, while waiting for a possible vaccination, is still the application of barrier measures”.

    The bell sound is the same on the ARS side: “In this context and with the approach of the end of the year celebrations, it is essential to remind the French of the need to continue to be cautious as much as possible and to remind people’s minds of the value of barrier gestures”.

    The scientific council goes even further and recommends spontaneous confinement on the days preceding the holidays. “If you can not take your kids to school Thursday and Friday, you do”, even relayed the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, on the antenna of Europe 1. Teleworking, even early leave, remain advised. Between deconfinement, on the one hand, and strict recommendations on the other, the government seems to be lost in its desire to preserve the Christmas holidays. Will the call for good citizenship and good behavior be enough? Hard to believe, as the French seem tired of restrictions …

    Find here the map of the test centers open from December 16 to 23 in the region as part of the operation All screened before Christmas.


    In Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, there were 4592 hospitalized patients on Monday. Or around twenty less than the day before (4611). On the other hand, the number of patients in intensive care does not decrease (502, against 498 Sunday), and 65 deaths in 24 hours.

    The Rhône alone, against 1,145 hospitalized patients. Of which 148 in intensive care. This is the department with the most Covid-19 patients in France. In the Lyon metropolitan area, the Hospices Civils de Lyon hospitals still receive 366 patients, including 77 in intensive care (assessment as of Tuesday, December 15).

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