COVID-19: Instagram unveils new features to stay connected

COVID-19: Instagram dévoile des nouveautés pour rester connecté

Instagram unveiled yesterday new updates that will be soon deployed in Canada in order to help its users to access reliable information and to stay connected during the confinement period because of the COVID-19.

Users can already, for several days, use the “stickers” Stay at home ” to promote social distancing. But, other new features are in the plans for the platform.

Here are the updates that will be deployed in Canada:

New stickers to promote the reliable information :

Instagram launches new stickers to help users to share reliable information about COVID-19 in the Stories. These new features include reminders to wash their hands and distance themselves from the other. These will be available in the camera in the next few days.

Remove content and accounts COVID-19 of the recommendations section, unless it is published by a health organization is credible:

Instagram will delete accounts COVID-19 section, account recommendations, and will endeavour to remove certain content related to COVID-19 Explore, unless they are published by a health organization is credible. The platform will also begin to reduce the scope of content judged to be false by the auditors of the facts. This adds to its existing policies on misinformation.


Creating a STORY shared in support of those who practice social distancing to connect with each other, using a “sticker” Stay in your home:

Instagram has launched a sticker Stay at home. All of the accounts you follow and use the sticker will be added to a Story shared by Instagram, allowing you to see how others practice social distancing.


Launch of a new way to use Instagram with friends via video chat:

To help people stay connected, Instagram has launched Co-Watching, a new feature that allows you to view posts from Instagram with your friends. You can start a video chat by tapping the icon of video chat in the inbox or Direct wire-Direct existing, and then view photos/videos saved, liked, or suggested by pressing the photo icon in the bottom left during a video chat in progress.


Read more details on the updates on the blog, Instagram here.