COVID-19: insurers restrict the coverage of the snowbirds

COVID-19: des assureurs restreignent la couverture des snowbirds

The snowbirds that stay in Florida during the winter are squeezed by insurance companies to return to the country as soon as possible, otherwise they may soon no longer be covered.

Insurance providers canadians have sent in the last days messages to their customers to advise them that their travel insurance coverage may no longer be valid after march 23,.

This is the case of organizations that do business with the firm, Allianz Global Assistance Canada such as the Association of retired professors from Alberta and Ontario, as reported yesterday canadian media-English. Retirees staying currently in Florida have received from these organizations with a message urging them to return to the country within ten days following the announcement of the canadian government to avoid any trip abroad, on the 13th of march.

The spokesperson of Allianz Global Assistance Canada, Dan Keon, we said yesterday that the measure affected for the moment only some of the insurance programs ” non-standard “. No Québécois would not be concerned, according to Mr. Keon.

“Allianz Global Assistance Canada administers a customized program for a group of retirees who understands the condition that the members go home in the 10 days following the issuance of a warning to travellers, in order to avoid losing their coverage for a treatment in connection with the warning “, we have-t-he writes by e-mail.

He added that, because of exceptional circumstances surrounding the pandemic, the return date deadline for the snowbirds had been extended until 5 April.

A spokesman for the canadian Association of insurance companies of persons (CLHIA), Dominique Biron-Bordeleau, we indicated yesterday that any insurer member of the association had not yet given such an ultimatum to its customers.

Shuttle Service

Several quebec insurers contacted yesterday by The Journal (including RBC Insurance, The Capital and Desjardins Insurance) have said they were going to cover the customers assigned to the country by the coronavirus. The coverage would apply however, not for the travelers who have left the country after the 13th of march.

At the same time, a travel agency in quebec has put in place a shuttle service between Florida and Quebec to help the many snowbirds to Florida in search of a way to return to Quebec, while the authorities advise them strongly to come back, because of the pandemic of COVID-19.

Expression Travels, a company in Magog, Estrie region, specializing in group travel and is associated with the carrier Bell-Horizon to bring it back by bus in 24 hours the snowbirds interested in his service.


  • Plane ticket for the return trip.
  • Emergency medical care abroad.
  • Some of the expenses related to an unexpected departure.


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