COVID-19: Iran has officially more than 3000 dead

COVID-19: l’Iran compte officiellement plus de 3000 morts

The iranian authorities announced on Wednesday that 138 new deaths from the coronavirus, bringing to more than 3000 people dead the official death toll of the pandemic in Iran, one of the countries most affected by the disease of the Covid-19.

In this context of a pandemic, the iranian president Hassan Rohani has for its part considered that the United States had missed a “historic opportunity” to lift their sanctions against Tehran.

Officially, Iran has identified a total of 3036 deaths due to novel coronavirus and 2987 new cases these last 24 hours, bringing the total of confirmed cases to 47 593, indicated Kianouche Jahanpour, a spokesperson for the ministry of Health during his press conference daily online.

He said that 15 473 people hospitalized were cured.

Referring to the pandemic, Mr. Rohani had earlier criticized the United States, in believing that they had missed a ” historic opportunity (…) to take a path opposite that, the, their, bad, and for once, to say to their nation that they are not against the iranian people “.

The United States ” has not learned the lesson, even during this global situation is difficult (…). It was a humanitarian issue. Nobody would have accused them of return ” on their position, he added during a government meeting broadcast on television.

The american president Donald Trump withdrew unilaterally in may 2018, the international agreement on the iranian nuclear issue, and has re-established economic sanctions and harsh, aimed mainly at the sectors of oil and banking in iran.

The humanitarian goods, including medical equipment and medicines are technically exempt.

Germany, France and Great Britain, yet the parties to the agreement, have recently indicated that they have delivered medical supplies to Iran within the framework of the mechanism of barter Instex to circumvent us sanctions, used for the first time.

Created in January 2019 by the Europeans to circumvent us sanctions, Instex is to encourage the trade of goods that have not been sanctioned, in which businesses are reluctant also to venture, for fear of finding themselves in the crosshairs of the us.

Iran has also received medical equipment or financial aid from several countries such as Germany, Azerbaijan, China, the united arab Emirates, France, Great Britain, Japan, Qatar, Russia and Turkey.

After you have done everything possible to avoid imposing measures containment and / or quarantine, the iranian government has decided on 25 march to ban all travel between the cities. The measure, which came into force two days later and applies until the 8th of April, could be extended.

Without being officially confined, the inhabitants are called from several weeks to stay home ” as much as possible “.

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