COVID-19: Italy, the country most severely affected, over 10 000 dead

COVID-19: L’Italie, pays le plus durement touché, dépasse les 10 000 morts

ROME | Italy is the most affected country in the world by the pandemic Covid-19, passed Saturday, the bar of 10,000 dead, which has concentrated in itself nearly a third of all deaths in the world related to the new coronavirus, which also continues to wreak havoc in Spain, the second country most affected.

At the same time, China, Wuhan, the starting point of the epidemic, began to get out of the total containment. For lack of a vaccine or proven treatment for the disease Covid-19, more than three billion people remain willingly or by force on the planet.

The pandemic has killed nearly 30 000 people, including more than 20,000 in Europe, the continent most severely affected. With respectively 10 023 (+889 24 hours) and 5690 death (+832), Italy and Spain are the two countries in the world the most bereaved, and focus alone almost three-quarters of deaths in europe.

In Spain, the government leader, Pedro Sanchez, has announced the suspension of all economic activities “non-essential” during two weeks.

The contagion continues, however, its slow downturn in Italy. “In all the emergency services, there has been a reduction (of patient arrival, ed), in some it is slight, in others more pronounced,” said Giulio Gallera, the health officer in Lombardy (north), the region most affected.

The United Kingdom, him, when prince Charles, heir to the crown, as well as the prime minister, Boris Johnson, are contaminated, have exceeded the bar of 1000 deaths, with 260 deaths in a single day, according to an official report released Saturday.

And Turkey are now more than one hundred deaths.

In China, the city of Wuhan, where the epidemic began in December, is opened gradually Saturday after more than two months of isolation almost complete, with the arrival of the first passenger train is authorized from the containment.

“She rushed to her father, I have not been able to prevent me from crying “, told AFP a passenger 36-year-old, a resident of Wuhan, who with her daughter has found her husband, who had been separated for ten weeks.

“Way of the cross “

On other continents, on the other hand, the worst is still to come.

The United States, countries with the largest number of cases reported, crossed the bar of 100.00 people affected, out of more than 605 000 in the world. The new coronavirus has been to date some 1,600 dead.

This alarming deterioration has led the american president Donald Trump, after having enacted a massive economic stimulus plan of more than 2000 billion dollars, to compel by decree the automobile manufacturer General Motors to produce a result, artificial respirators.

This decision, taken under a law dating back to the Korean war (1950-1953), aims to address the lack of equipment faced with the increasing influx of patients in hospitals.

“There is a shortage of everything. Ask for basic things, such as gloves, thermometer, paracetamol or hydroalcoholic gel, it becomes a way of the cross “, also deplored the Spanish footballer Toni Dovale, who has swapped his studs against a white coat in a pharmacy of Galicia (north-western Spain).

The world Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the lack of protective equipment for health care providers represented an “imminent threat” in the fight against the pandemic.

In France, which has more than 2300 dead, has ordered over a billion masks, in particular to China, the prime minister Edouard Philippe has denied Saturday any “delay” in the implementation of the containment, on the 17th of march. It has been extended until at least April 15.

Russia, the last major country not to have yet taken no measure of containment generalized, on Saturday announced that it would close its borders on Monday. It has already closed on Saturday for its restaurants and most of its shops before a week off.

In the poorest countries, particularly in sub-saharan Africa, where the travel restrictions undermine the livelihoods of populations who often live day-to-day, the containment is not self-evident.

“Survive “

And in Lagos, the economic capital of Nigeria, and the most populous city of the continent, where the authorities are content for the moment to close schools, public places, bars and non-food markets, and providing advice to stay at home, the basic rules of “social distancing” is problematic.

“By Monday, Tuesday, and in a few days, everyone goes out of his home and do what he has to do to survive,” predicts Rotimi Oyedepo, seller of chemicals that has had to close his shop on the order of the police.

And in a neighborhood deprived of Johannesburg, south african police fired Saturday rubber bullets to disperse hundreds of people who crowded in front of a business in breach of the containment.

The religious fervour also complicates the application of strict sanitary measures. If pope Francis celebrated Friday prayer alone in the balcony of St. Peter’s square deserted, a historic first in the muslim world, calls for caution are unevenly respected.

Are astronomical

If Iran, officially the fourth country most affected in number of deaths (more than 2500), has closed its key places of pilgrimage, and suspended public prayers, the mosques have experienced the crowds on Friday in Pakistan and Afghanistan-as neighbors, as well as in Indonesia.

In the Face of another disaster, economic profile, the international community is attempting to mobilize astronomical amounts of money.

In addition to the 2000 billion announced by the United States, the G20 countries have promised this week to inject 5000 billion to support the global economy.

The european Union has-she returned in two weeks of “strong measures” against the coronavirus, attracting the anger of Italy and Spain.

“We will not overcome just this crisis without a european solidarity is strong, the level of health and the budget “, stressed on Saturday the French president Emmanuel Macron to three Italian newspapers, calling on them to launch loans are common across the EU, what Germany is totally opposed.

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