COVID-19: justice restores the abortion medication at Texas

COVID-19: la justice rétablit les avortements médicamenteux au Texas

Defenders of abortion rights have withdrawn Tuesday an appeal addressed to the supreme Court of the United States to prevent the Texas ban on ABORTIONS during the outbreak of coronavirus, after a rebound in justice.

A federal court of appeals decided on Monday evening that the authorities of that State conservative could not include the abortion drug in the list of “non-urgent” prohibited during the crisis.

Effective to terminate a pregnancy in the first weeks, they are to take the pills at approximately 30-hour intervals, and are not ” surgical procedures “, have appeared before the justice, the defenders of the right to abortion.

However, the authorities of Texas, followed by several other States, conservatives have decided to prohibit all abortions, to reserve hospital beds and protective equipment to the sick of the Covid-19, and their caregivers.

Apply this decision “- abortion-drug although they are apparently not involved seems to indicate that it is a smokescreen and has no real links with the health crisis, ” said judge James Dennis of a federal court of appeals in New Orleans.

Following this judgment, the fifth in this folder, the defenders of the right to abortion were removed on Tuesday an appeal addressed to the highest court in the country became obsolete, even if surgical abortions remain partly prohibited in Texas.

Other federal courts have prevented the Alabama’s or Oklahoma’s in particular, to suspend the right of women to abortions during the health crisis.

This court battle is the latest in a country that remains deeply divided nearly 50 years after the legalization of abortion by the supreme Court.

If coastal States are to guarantee a relatively easy access to ABORTIONS, the States that are more religious in the south and the centre have multiplied the laws restrictive, forcing many clinics to close their doors.

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