COVID-19: “loose thy navel, and complies with the guidelines,” says the daughter of a victim

COVID-19: «lâche ton nombril et respecte les directives», lance la fille d'une victime

Mourning the loss of his father, who died of the COVID-19, a woman has launched an appeal full of emotion to all those naysayers out there who refuse to practice social distancing, and this, despite repeated requests from the authorities.

“This is not just statistics, there are people in the back. There are families that are around them. These people are fragile, they can die,” shared Sophie Trudel-Beauvillier at QUB radio, Monday.

His father, Eddy Beauvillier, was aged 88 when he died of the COVID-19 on 2 April last in a residence of Laval.

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“My father was going very well until the Monday, he died in the night from Wednesday to Thursday,” said his daughter, who was able to visit him on the eve of his death by wearing protective equipment and tell him one last time that she loved him.

At this time, his condition was stable, she told, but the life of the wife of 37-year-old tipped over a few hours later when we called to inform him that his father had given up the ghost.

Sophie Trudel-Beauvillier and his father Eddy Beauvillier

“My father, I had not visited since 22 February because I wanted to protect it. […] Despite all of the precautions that we take, all the precautions that the wonderful staff of the residence was taken by my father, who grabbed it and, unfortunately, he died,” said the woman at the microphone of Sophie Durocher.

The day after the disappearance of her father, Ms. Trudel-Beauvillier has challenged the internet, in a publication on Facebook that rapidly became viral, to compel the attendance of the “meet the guidelines” of distance, since it was “a matter of life or death”.

“To you who believe that you’re above it all, who think that it is not obligatory to wash your hands, that it is not necessary to keep your distances. To you who don’t follow the isolation. To you who have visited a seniors ‘ residence so that you came back from the trip. You will maybe not die, or even have symptoms, but you could infect people that they will die, like my dad. Loose thy navel, and complies with the guidelines”, one can read in the publication shared more than 9300 times.

“To help people treat us, what we can do is stay at home”, she added during her appearance on the show , One is not required to agree.

By the same token, Sophie Trudel-Beauvillier took the opportunity to highlight the work of the housing staff who took care of his father until his last breath, even in this tough period.

“These people do a fantastic job, they will put their life in danger to help others, it is extraordinary”, she concluded.

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