COVID-19: many unanswered questions for Quebec student sport

COVID-19: many unanswered questions for Quebec student sport

Student sport will have to wait at least another 24 hours before getting answers to its questions about the fall season. There are many questions, even more since three regions have fallen into the orange zone. A meeting scheduled for Monday afternoon between the RSEQ and the Sports, Recreation and Physical Activity Department was postponed to Tuesday. “The phone has not ringing since this morning [Monday]”, illustrated the CEO of RSEQ, Gustave Roel. “There are many questions from school administrators and we have no answers.”

With the regions ending up in the orange zone, the limit on the number of people allowed to take part in a public gathering has been reduced to 25 compared to 250 for the green and yellow zones.

“Who are these 25 people, asks Roel? If it's 25 players, we won't have a school sports season. Since the beginning, the instructions have changed several times. Initially, it was allowed for 250 spectators to attend a college football game in Division 1. Afterwards, it was 250 participants, and the management decided to play behind closed doors. Last Friday, before regions switched to the orange zone, the directive was to allow 50 spectators. The management then agreed to play behind closed doors. ”

Doubt still hovers

Movements between regions are another source of question. “We say it's not recommended, but we don't say it's prohibited. We need clarification because we don't want to interpret the directives. ”

Directive 70 of the Ministry of Education, which stops all interschool activity for a period of 10 to 14 days as soon as a positive case is confirmed in a school, always leaves a significant doubt on the possibility of being entitled to a real season, as we saw last Friday with the cancellation of some games in the midget AAA circuit for cases that occurred outside the teams. “For the moment, there are three quarters of schools who do not know on which foot to dance, summarizes Roel. We had good discussions with Ms. Charest's office, but we received no confirmation that this will change. Nothing will work until this item is removed. ”

Sunday evening during his press briefing, the Minister of Health Christian Dubé underlined the importance of maintaining school sport, but rule 70 does not allow this will to materialize.

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