COVID-19: marked increase of cases in Quebec

COVID-19: hausse marquée des cas au Québec

With 452 cases of probable or confirmed, Québec will see a significant increase in the number of people infected by the Covid-19 in the next few days.

“The largest increase, we expect that to happen Monday because of the results of the tests are going to happen”, said prime minister François Legault on Sunday.

In fact, in most of the 219 confirmed cases, 233 were “probable cases” are now added to the balance sheet of the Quebec.

The probable cases were detected by the seven hospital laboratories put into service the last week. Their results must, however, be contrevérifiés by the national public health Laboratory (LSPQ), located in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, but the chances are slim that a large amount of tests to be overturned.

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At the beginning of the epidemic, the LSPQ himself would have to validate their results by the national laboratory in Winnipeg. False positives, however, were rare. “It happened a few times, but this was not the norm,” said the spokesman of the ministry of Health, Robert Maranda.

For his part, the former Health minister Gaétan Barrette, who is watching the situation closely, notes that a very pronounced increase of the cases of the Covid-19 is not necessarily bad news. “It does not mean that there is an outbreak, it means that we are closer to a true story then that there has been little tested to date”, he said.

Other closures

But this increase grows when even the Quebec government to announce new measures of social restrictions. Shopping centers, dining halls, restaurants and salons are now closed by order of the government until the 1st of may.

The prime minister François Legault

“We think that at this stage it is necessary to go a little further, we must intensify our measures […] to slow down the spread of the virus,” said François Legault. Even if the interventions of the forces of order multiply with citizens [see tests on page 4], François Legault believes that it is “exceptions”. “I do not wish, except in some cases, police involvement. […] The police are there to do a standby and to inform the population,” he said.

A ticking time bomb

The national director of public health Horacio Arruda

The national director of public health Horacio Arruda request from his side for the elderly to avoid all contact with their families, even if it is difficult, to avoid bringing back the coronavirus to the interior of residences for seniors. He used the example of the Lanaudière region, or the four elderly people living in the same complex have lost the life because of the Covid-19.

“We closed the tours for not coming to the contaminate. They can get out to go take a walk outside, but if they are going to a family celebration or get together with other seniors, if there is one that is ill, then he goes back to his house, this is a bomb, do you understand?”, he let it fall.



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